The second edition of The Strategic Project Leader builds on the first edition’s competency and self-directed leadership models to guide not just project managers but anyone in a leadership role in projects to master service-based project leadership. ... By using the tools in this book, not only will your organization’s projects have a greater chance of coming in on time, on budget, and according to specs, but your organization will sustain the continuous transformation required to remain competitive. 
—Dr. Frank B. McCluskey, Provost and Executive Vice President (retired), American Public University System 

 a truly uplifting book with a self-directed plan to build leadership competencies and recommended tools for establishing compatibility and trust that allows project leaders to truly change the world by connecting their values with their work.
–Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma 

Jack has taken the vast body of research in project management and leadership and boiled it down to its essential elements.  He provides clear direction on HOW to implement leadership practices.
–Carl Pritchard, President, Pritchard Management Associates and author of Risk Management: Concepts & Guidance 

…demonstrates that project managers are strategic leaders for their respective organizations as project management is a strategic advantage for the organization.  I highly recommend this interesting and easy-to-read book.
–Ginger Levin, DPA, PMP, Project Management Consultant and co-author of The Advanced Project Management Office 

Jack writes in an engaging way and his concern for the trade is infectious. Being a practitioner myself, I can only say: run and read!
–Merete Munch Lange, Project Manager 

By emphasizing the leading of people and providing a roadmap for personal development, Ferraro has created an interesting and practical book.
–SciTech Book News, May 2008


Learn to build your Service-based Project Leader Pyramid

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